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Algernae King
Serial Entrepreneur


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How Algernae used OPM to change her life.

She didn't learn about financial literacy like most in Algernae communities, but for Algernae, her credit score was bad before she could even use it. 

You might be perplexed as to how that could be! Algernae came to the realization as she got older and wiser that having bad credit is just a recipe for disaster.

If you don't have good credit and know how to properly use money, you will accept poverty in your life and become a slave to debt. So she was determined to break out of that reckless, chaotic financial cycle after years of denials and trading a lot of her time for money. 

She had poor credit for seven years. She began reestablishing her credit and researching ways to improve her scores at the age of 24. She became obsessed with all things credit and money after seeing her scores rise and getting approved for anything she wanted. 

She only began to convert liabilities into assets when she began learning about money and how to invest with OPM (other people's money). Algernae is determined to use her knowledge and credit testimony to stop others in her community from going down the same road! 

With a degree in radiology, Algernae King is now a Business Coach and a Board-Certified Credit Consultant. She holds certifications in finance and business credit. A loan signing agent and a notary public.

She was always enthusiastic about assisting other people, particularly entrepreneurs. She uses her education and work experience to offer the best business consulting and entrepreneur coaching to new and seasoned business owners.



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